Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Tritel can provide your company with everything from inexpensive hardware, to configuration and training, to a completely outsourced solution.

Managed Firewall Services in Springfield Missouri

Tritel’s managed firewall is a state-of-the-art network security solution that combines the highly regarded Cisco PIX Firewall with 24 x 7 remote monitoring and remote management. The result is a turnkey security solution that is more reliable and less expensive than a do-it-yourself alternative.

Fully Outsourced Solution
Tritel’s managed firewall is a complete solution; nothing additional is required for complete network protection. All hardware, software, etc. is included. And because this solution is completely managed by Tritel’s security experts, your company doesn’t have to invest enormous amounts of capital to hire or train security specialists.

Three “Size” Configurations
Three configurations of 64, 1024, or 16,000+ simultaneous Internet connections, with each supporting over 64,000 internal hosts (users, servers, routers, etc.) on your network, let you pay for what you need.

Adaptive Security Algorithm (ASA)
Cisco’s PIX Firewall uses state-of-the-art ASA protection with stateful connection-oriented security. This allows the PIX Firewall to offer secure performance that other industry leaders simply can’t match.

Businesses with multiple sites can utilize our managed firewall to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for private network communication via the Internet. Your organization can build a secure, private network that prevents unauthorized access and hacking, while providing strong, cost-effective Wide Area Networking.

Optional Services
Tritel’s experts can implement many add-on services to your managed firewall. These services range from simply scanning all incoming/outgoing email for viruses, to URL filtering, all the way up to advanced intrusion detection systems to automatically reconfigure you network in the event of an attack

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